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The Moscow Center for Cell Technologies (MCCT) opened the doors to innovative medicine for the residents of Kazakhstan in 2018. Our center uses cell products such as MSC (mesenchymal stem cells), SVF (stromal vascular fraction), PRP (platelet riched plasma) and FB (fibroblasts) to treat a wide range of diseases and revitalize the body. Our center has everything or the process of isolation and cultivation of cell products: high-tech equipment, high-quality consumables, and professionally impeccable staff.

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Certified clean room

During the construction of the Center, the latest production technologies were used corresponding to the global ISO and GMP standards. Our own system of ventilation, cleaning and filtering of air and the microclimate created due to this allow us to produce cell products in a safe and quality manner.

Best equipment

The Center is equipped with modern high-quality imported equipment necessary for the isolation and cultivation of cell cultures: incubators, a laminar air flow bench, a centrifuge, a microscope, a water deionization system, devices for sterilizing labware, cryofreezers and Dewar vessels for storing cells in liquid nitrogen. We use only the reagents of well-known European brands that are widely recognized throughout the world. Plastic and other consumables for working with cell cultures are purchased in Switzerland.

Coordinated work

The Center performs all main processes of working with cells: isolation of mesenchymal stem cells, SVF (stromal vascular fraction), and PRP (platelet riched plasma) from biomaterial; cultivation of MSC (mesenchymal stem cells) and fibroblasts, cleaning, freezing for long-term storage and preparation for administration.

Cell products

Cell therapy is currently the most effective method of treating a number of diseases, as well as an excellent means of rejuvenating the entire body. Our Center is one of the first institutions in Kazakhstan, where cell therapy has been successfully applied.


The main properties of stem cells are their ability to reproduce themselves and the ability to transform into almost any other cell in our body, providing the replacement of old defective cells with new operating ones.

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A minimally manipulated highly effective cell product obtained within two hours from the patient's own adipose tissue. A rich cocktail of the fraction has a regenerative potential, immunoregulatory activity and a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

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Fibroblasts produce collagen, proelastin, fibronectin, and glycosaminoglycans; all these substances form the extracellular matrix, that is, the framework of connective tissue. The use of fibroblasts in cosmetology as a personalized cell product is a modern, highly effective and safe method of restoring the skin youth.

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PRP is an almost painless, highly effective, and at the same time natural cosmetological method for improving and restoring the skin. The administration of PEP into the dermis activates the biological mechanism of natural skin repair

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Treatment process


Consultation with the chief doctor and specialists of the Center, familiarization with the reports and examinations of the patient;


Preparation for cell therapy: necessary additional examinations and tests in any convenient clinical diagnostic laboratory of the city.


On the appointed day, the patient arrives for the procedure. The contract is signed, and the medical card is filled in.


2 months after the procedure, a control examination is performed to obtain an objective assessment of the state improvement after the therapy.

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Our team

Kozhamberdiyev Timur Omarbekovich Chief doctor
Zhanuzakov Mukhtar Gabitovich trauma orthopedist
Zarubekova Nazima Zarubekovna pediatrician
Musayeva Marzhan Nurtleuovna neuropathologist
Bairov Bulatbek Kalenovich plastic surgeon
Akchina Yevgeniya Nazhatovna head nurse
Zholamanova Saule Zhanybekkyzy lab technician
Stupnikova Tatyana Vladimirovna lab supervisor
Kulmanbetova Lira Sagymbayevna dermatocosmetologist

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Cell therapy is effective for the treatment of any degenerative changes in the body, including those caused by an autoimmune reaction or tissue necrosis.

A healthy body is able to effectively cope with almost all threats to its normal functioning. MSC provides its additional support, so it is recommended even for absolutely healthy people. MSC are also irreplaceable when the disease was diagnosed. SVF is needed when something has already happened. It is recommended for patients with pain in the joints and ligaments, including the pain of sports origin, people with age-related skin changes and the problem of hair loss (alopecia).

There are no age limits for the use of cell therapy, only medical contraindications. You can identify them based on the results of tests that are included in the list of our requirements.

The necessary examinations and tests can be taken at many medical centers, and you can come to our Center for consultation/treatment with the results. Our Center deals only with the treatment with the use of cell products. The laboratory of the Center has modern equipment necessary to obtain and clean cell products. We are a unique clinic that offers such products in the health care market of Kazakhstan. It is impractical for us to purchase equipment and conduct standard laboratory tests.

There is no difference in the treatment effectiveness. Mesenchymal stem cells are immunotolerant, that is, they do not cause a reaction of the immune system. Therefore, it is not important for the body whether it receives its own or donor MSC; the main thing is that a cascade of mechanisms aimed at the regeneration of certain tissues is triggered.

You can find the prices for each procedure in the necessary section.

The cost of treatment consists of the high cost of production of cell products. Our equipment was imported from Japan, Germany, and Great Britain. The laboratory in Almaty is built according to all ISO standards; it is an ultraclean room with its own microclimate and sterile air. Disposable sterile consumables, American reagents, only the best ones in cellular regenerative medicine – all this, alas, cannot cost little.

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Renewing our tissues and organs, each stem cell in the course of division forms another stem cell that remains in reserve, and a healthy cell of the diseased biological tissue. The main properties of stem cells are their ability to reproduce themselves and the ability to transform into almost any other cell in our body.

Coming into the damaged organ with the blood flow, stem cells begin to act in three directions:
- activate own body defenses: its immune system;
- isolate a group of bioactive substances that stimulate the work of the patient's own stem cells;
- start dividing, which results in the replacement of old defective cells with the new operating ones.
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), on the one hand, are able to transform into any other cells, and, on the other hand, never give rise to the growth of abnormal, pathological (for example, tumor) tissue. In other words, the ability of MSC to rapidly multiply and grow is not unlimited. MSC could be called smart stem cells: they seem to know into which cell they can and should transform, and into which not. Until recently, it was believed that stem cells are able to restore only the organ or tissue from which they are isolated, but current studies prove that MSC isolated from any tissue or organ of a human are able to turn into any normal, full-fledged healthy cells of the body.


The stromal vascular fraction (SVF) is a rich source of progenitor cells, including MSC, that have a great regenerative potential, immunoregulatory activity and a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect
Due to the presence of endothelial progenitor cells and their production of growth factors (vascular endothelium growth factor, insulin-like growth factor-1), SVF facilitates the formation of new blood vessels, improving blood supply to the diseased tissue, which enhances the regeneration process. The pronounced immunomodulating effect of SVF is mediated by the presence of macrophages and monocytes. The presence of stromal cells that secrete components of the extracellular matrix facilitates creation of a more favorable environment for regenerative cells, optimizing the conditions and accelerating the recovery process of the diseased tissue.


Fibroblasts are the cells of mesenchymal origin and the main component of connective tissue.
The main growth factor of fibroblasts activates the regenerative process in the wound and stimulates the production of extracellular matrix components by fibroblasts: fibronectin and collagen. In other words, the administration of fibroblasts into a wound or under the skin accelerates the healing process, angiogenesis, and restoration of normal tissue homeostasis.
The course of application of fibroblasts is as follows: a tiny piece of the patient’s skin (2х2 mm) from the axillary/inguinal area or behind an auricle (where there is no exposure to UV radiation) is taken. Then, for about a month, the fibroblasts are built up in a clean room under sterile conditions to the amount required both for the procedure and for placement in the cryostorage as a biological insurance for subsequent procedures.


Numerous studies and widespread use in clinical practice confirmed the high effectiveness of PRP in tissue repair and regeneration. It is proved that alpha-granules of platelets have a large content of growth factors that are released in a certain proportion and sequence as the platelets are activated. As a result, a minimally manipulated personalized cell product is obtained that is effective in cosmetology, urology, and orthopedics. PRP is also widely used for better graft retention, accelerating the healing of wounds and burns, treating scars, and fighting alopecia.

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